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Mother Balancing Baby on Legs
  • When should I request a referral for Bloom Physical Therapy?
    Consider contacting Bloom for the following: *Delayed motor milestones *“Funky” movement patterns *Arching, standing up on tip-toes a majority of the time, a "janky" crawl or a sloppy sit, general tightness or floopiness *Neuromotor evaluation after NICU stays or difficult deliveries *Baby prefers to look in one direction *A flat spot on your baby’s head *Baby is primarily using one hand *Assistance ordering medical equipment (orthotics, wheelchairs, or gait trainers) *In home evaluation of your current standing equipment or gait trainer *Wellness services *Infant massage *Troubleshooting positioning to promote development
  • What insurances are in-network?
    Currently, Bloom is in-network with First Choice, Pacific Source (commercial and community solutions), Cigna, United Health Care, Regence BCBS and Kaiser Permanente Added Choice. If you have a different insurance provider, contact us and we can check your out of network benefits. Bloom is in process of credentialing with more insurance providers to better serve the community. Stay tuned!
  • Can I pay with a credit card?
    Yes. Bloom uses Stripe payment processing software. It is safe and easy to use for cash pay visits or copays.
  • Can I pay cash for physical therapy services?  How much does a session cost?
    Yes, you can! When you pay cash on the day of service, you will receive a “prompt pay” discount of 30%. This ends up being between $100-160 per session depending on the length of the session and the services provided. (Prompt pay discount is only for physical therapy services and excludes wellness services such as massage and developmental positioning consultations).
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